Best Paani is enhancing the use of biogas as one of the best alternatives to fossil fuels among people. Biogas is a clean and renewable fuel that helps you to cook all of your normal meals with it. Biogas systems make use of a relatively simple, well-known, and mature technology. It is a cost-effective way of switching to environmentally friendly energy. Bio gas is the mixture of different gases produced by breakdown of organic matter in anaerobic condition. Biogas can be extracted from organic waste from landfill sites, municipal wastewater, industrial, domestic or commercial organic waste and agricultural waste materials.

It helps in reducing indoor air pollution and deforestation (if firewood or coal is used). It reduces workload in collecting firewood and also,in cooking (if firewood or coal is used). It is a budget-friendly option for energy source. It contributes to reduce the emission of gases that contribute to global warming, cooking on biogas is quicker and easier than cooking with firewood. It also helps in reducing greenhouse effect.

Biogas can be compressed to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and used to power motor vehicles.The use of biogas can be especially beneficial in rural areas, where there is no access to any other energy source and deforestation and indoor pollutions are an issue. Methane and carbon dioxide are the main compositions of biogas whilst small amounts of hydrogen sulfide, moisture, nitrogen, oxygen and siloxanes may also be presented. Methane, hydrogen and carbon dioxide are combustible or can be oxidized with oxygen. So biogas is sourced as a fuel. So around 17% of vehicle fuel can be replaced by biogas.

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