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Best Paani featured at Republica


Best Paani was featured at Republica on August 9, 2018, Thursday. Best Paani founders Sajal Pradhan and Gokul Dangal have given their insights on what they have been doing to address water scarcity problem of Nepal with their water work services. Please go through this article for more details.

Rainwater Harvesting and Groundwater Recharge Systems Installation at Jawalakhel Police Club

DSC_0315 DSC_0339 KVWSMB copy

Best Paani recently completed installation of rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge systems at Police Club of Jawalakhel, Lalitpur with the financial support of Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Management Board (KVWSMB). On 22nd July 2018, Best Paani CTO, Mr. Gokul Dangal, and KVWSMB representative, Mr. Rupesh Thakur, were invited for giving post installation presentation at the Club. The installed groundwater recharge system has the capacity of recharging approximately 73,00,000 liters of water from the compound of the Club annually and the rainwater harvesting system will now serve clean water for approximately 1,500 users of the Club.

Best Paani at Achham


Best Paani recently installed bio-sand filtration system in Mangalchhen Barrack (Bhawani Dal) at Achham. Initially the barrack was suffering from severe water problem. Though water was sufficient it was not suitable to drink without treatment. All the people of the barrack had been consuming bacteria infested water and now after the installation of this system, all the users have access to clean drinking water. The system will now serve clean drinking water to all the 900 users of the barrack.

About Best Paani

Best Paani is on the mission to install personal, commercial and industrial scale water systems by replacing the need of other water sources with rainwater harvesting, bio-sand filtration and groundwater recharge systems for sustainable water consumption. Here is what best paani founders Sajal Pradhan and Gokul Dangal say about their business. About Best Paani

Sweden TV representative Malin Mendel Westberg at Best Paani


On 2nd July 2018, Malin Mendel Westberg, a correspondent in Asia for Sweden National TV, interviewed Best Paani CEO, Sajal Pradhan, to highlight the work of Best Paani. The story focused on how entrepreneurs can make young people stay in Nepal instead of migrating abroad and even attracting Nepalese who are abroad to come back for a career in their home country.

The increasing attention towards entrepreneurship and existing opportunities and threats in Nepali market were discussed. Best Paani feels distinct pleasure to have been able to highlight the potential of entrepreneurship to mitigate the problem of Nepali job market and also how it could play a major role in minimizing the heightening migration.

The interview will be broadcasted on Sweden TV.

Rainwater harvesting for suatainable water consumption


Demand for processed water supply is increasing due to increasing population. Sustainable use of water could maintain a balance between its demand and supply and rainwater harvesting is the most sustainable method which could be used for potable or non potable purposes either in commercial buildings or residential areas.

Best Paani at the Embassy of Switzerland


On 18th April 2018, Best Paani was invited at Embassy of Switzerland for giving presentation on Best Paani’s water work services for sustainable water consumption. Best Paani co-founders Sajal Pradhan and Gokul Dangal highlighted on the achievements, impacts, and services of the company. The existing water problems were also addressed and the representatives of the embassy and Best Paani both discussed on how rainwater harvesting, bio-sand filtration and ground water recharge could be promising long term solutions for the same. The session had altogether 29 participants, 25 from the embassy and 4 from Best Paani. This meeting turned out to be very fruitful for Best Paani as well as the embassy.

Representatives of Rotary Club of Kantipur and Best Paani at Khanigaun Kavre after the completion of project

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On January 17, 2017 Best Paani was awarded Global Grant from Rotary Club of Kantipur for the installation of rainwater harvesting system, drinking water & sanitation, and aquifer recharge in Prithvi Narayan Secondary School located at Goldhunga, Balaju, and spring water pumping and supply in Khanigaun Village, Kavre. We have recently completed the systems installation with the financial support of the Rotary Club of Kantipur and these systems will now serve approximately 1100 users of the school and 65 households of the village.

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