Best Paani at the Embassy of Switzerland


On 18th April 2018, Best Paani was invited at Embassy of Switzerland for giving presentation on Best Paani’s water work services for sustainable water consumption. Best Paani co-founders Sajal Pradhan and Gokul Dangal highlighted on the achievements, impacts, and services of the company. The existing water problems were also addressed and the representatives of the embassy and Best Paani both discussed on how rainwater harvesting, bio-sand filtration and ground water recharge could be promising long term solutions for the same. The session had altogether 29 participants, 25 from the embassy and 4 from Best Paani. This meeting turned out to be very fruitful for Best Paani as well as the embassy.

Representatives of Rotary Club of Kantipur and Best Paani at Khanigaun Kavre after the completion of project

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On January 17, 2017 Best Paani was awarded Global Grant from Rotary Club of Kantipur for the installation of rainwater harvesting system, drinking water & sanitation, and aquifer recharge in Prithvi Narayan Secondary School located at Goldhunga, Balaju, and spring water pumping and supply in Khanigaun Village, Kavre. We have recently completed the systems installation with the financial support of the Rotary Club of Kantipur and these systems will now serve approximately 1100 users of the school and 65 households of the village.

Rainwater Harvesting & Groundwater Recharge


Rainwater Harvesting can help you reduce your water bills significantly in the areas where there is plenty of rain. You can manage your water requirement from the harvested rain water including drinking. Kathmandu’s 3.5 million people need 360 million liters of water per day where half of this is met through groundwater extraction which is causing the water table to fall exposing the valley to dangers like sinkholes, contamination, etc. So it is necessary to have rainwater harvesting system and groundwater recharge system in every house that is in need of water so that water could be stored and used again and again.

Rainwater Harvesting contributes to water resource sustainability


Rainwater harvesting contributes to water resource sustainability by offsetting surface and groundwater consumption and by reducing environmental and human health impacts compared to conventional sources. Sustainable water management is vital for sustainable development especially in light of threats such as depleting water table, increasing population, increasing construction as a result leaving hard ground surfaces. In this regard, rainwater harvesting can play a vital role in uplifting a water table.

Best Paani CEO Sajal Pradhan was awarded as one of the Global top 50 Most impactful leaders in water


Best Paani CEO Sajal Pradhan was named one of the Top 50 Most Impactful Leaders in Water in the world by the World CSR Congress on 15th February 2018 in recognition of the impact Best Paani has made in the lives of 300,000 Nepali people. The ceremony witnessed awardees from numerous countries and Best Paani feels honored to have represented Nepal. We are committed in rendering top quality water work services and making a visible impact in the lives of people all over Nepal.

Let’s see the change together!


Follow rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge techniques and let rainwater go down to earth to replenish the water table. We have the ability to change the current water scenario through the installation of rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge systems. Harvest rainwater. Recharge groundwater. Let’s see the change together!

Components of a Rainwater Harvesting System

This article contains all the details of the components you need to know about rainwater harvesting system. “A rainwater harvesting system comprises components of various stages – transporting rainwater through pipes or drains, filtration, and storage in tanks for reuse or recharge.”

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