Best Paani designs and installs customized personal, industrial and medium-scaled Rain Water Harvesting Systems which collect and store rain water from roof tops and open grounds. You can use this water in your normal pipeline for cleaning and drinking purposes.

Our systems are made in accordance with the guidelines presented by ENPHO, Environment & Public Health Organization.

How Best Paani Creates Your Rain Water Harvesting System 

12 Steps to Rain Water Harvesting


More on Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water harvesting is a technique of collection and storing rain water for future use rather than allowing it to runoff. It can be done on both natural or artificial tanks. Globally, it is one of the best alternative sources of clean drinking water.

As a method of proper rain water utilization, rain water harvesting contributes to fulfilling the global scarcity of water by providing water for domestic as well as for agricultural use. The use for harvested water includes the use for consumption, livestock, gardens, irrigation and ground water recharge.

Rain water harvesting is practiced in countries both with good rainfall such as Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives etc. and also where rainfall is scanty such as Rajasthan, India and the Gansu Province of China. It is considered by the UN, among the best practices against the impending global water crisis.

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